Inventua Case Study Custom Application Development DotNetNuke DNN Web Portal

Case Study - Moving Data


Moving Data wanted a flexible and innovative System Integrator to rapidly architect and implement an automated provisioning system, support ticketing system and warranty logistics system for a broadband router product launch.


Project Details

Inventua Case Study system integration DotNetNuke ASP.NET automated provisioning systemMoving Data provides management systems and services to enable the remote management of broadband communication devices. Moving Data engaged Inventua to provide business analysis, system architecture and software development services to build a platform that would enable centralised device management and automated provisioning with the ability to manage fleets of devices through a web portal and automated configuration management service that could be used by telecommunication carriers, resellers and end users.

We began by modelling the automated provisioning system machine interactions and warranty returns workflows before designing a system architecture that substantially decreased the complexity of the “rules engine” at the heart of automated provisioning server and reduced the number of steps required for end users and Moving Data operations staff to submit and process faulty devices.

Inventua developed an innovative and extensible solution for Moving Data based on the DotNetNuke (DNN) Content Management System. The application was architected around a Web Services layer that provides a common business logic and data access mechanism for both automated (machine) interfaces as well as management interfaces (online/web).

The solution involved developing custom DotNetNuke modules (VB.NET/MS SQL Server) and a web service to provide the management interface and also to integrate with a pre-existing off-the-shelf ticket management system to streamline the warranty management processes. The automated provisioning machine interface was built using ASP.NET and MS SQL Server, utilising the common business logic and data access layer.

The innovative design approach enables Moving Data to cost effectively build on existing functionality with high code reuse and lower maintenance.

Today, Moving Data and their clients can now provision new devices, configure existing devices, report on device activity and location (through integration with location based services and Google Maps) and manage their warranty returns, all though a centralised web portal interface.


Client Overview

Moving Data is an Australian-based company that works closely with Ericsson to provide innovative solutions for the lifecycle management of Ericsson’s Mobile Broadband Routers. Fleets of devices are currently under active management through Moving Data's Device Director and a distributed logistics and provisioning platform. Moving Data supports sales and delivery, but does not distribute or sell Ericsson products.

Industry: Telecommunications

Founded: 1990

Business Needs Addressed:

  • Innovation
  • Automated provisioning (over the air)
  • Inventory Management
  • Online Support Ticketing
  • Location Based Services (Device Location Mapping)

Services Featured: 

  • Business Analysis
  • System Architecture 
  • Application Development Services 
  • System Integration 
  • DotNetNuke Module Development 
  • Website Hosting (ASP.NET)