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Subject: Sidemenu and query string
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edisfera edisfera

11 Jan 2011 6:34 AM  

In the online manuale of the Sidemenu (but also the Topmenu) it is stated:

“Using QueryString items to control the SideMenu
If you pass querystring values matching SideMenu attribute names to a page, the SideMenu will use the values you pass.  For example, you could use the URL to display the menu using page number 6 as the root page.”

I tried it but nothing happens.
Could anyone provide more information on how to use this features?

I also have a doubt: what would happen if more than one instance of the menu modules are present in the same page? Is there a way to be selective on who is going to use the passed query string?

Thanks for the help.

Anthony Glenwright

13 Jan 2011 11:48 PM  
Can you try using "selectedtab" instead of "source"?

If there are multiple instances of the sidemenu on-screen, then the querystring value would apply to both of them. There's no way to select one or the other.
edisfera edisfera

14 Jan 2011 7:31 AM  

Thanks for your reply... now it does work

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