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Subject: Two small PassThrough Changes Need Before I can Buy
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Rick Ryno

10 May 2006 11:01 AM  
1.  The PassThrough Target module's "link to" default of "none" needs to mean "open up the page this module is on."  That way if none is selected and the Source calls the Target...the page the Target is on is in the user's browser with them logged in and ready to go

2.  The PassThrough Target module needs to be hidden.  It can still be "viewable" by all users (and needs to be) but the text and container must be hidden so that it's there doing it's thing...but nobody (except admin) sees it.

When those two features are implemented (or I'm allowed the code to do it myself) I'll purchase the module and I suspect others will, as well.  The hard work is done wonderfully with the module as is but these two seemingly simple changes need to be made before the module is useful for me.
Anthony Glenwright

13 May 2006 4:57 PM  
The intended use for the Passthrough target is that you please it on a new page, created specifically as a place for the module to live. Then you point your passthrough source module at that page. You should make the page visible to unauthenticated users, but it's a good idea to set the page to "hidden".

This way, no user who isn't actually using the passthrough modules will ever see the page - and you sould set the "redirect to" setting to redirect users after they are logged in.

If you use the module this way, then the enhancements you are requesting would not be required.
Rick Ryno

16 May 2006 3:35 AM  

I understand.  The module does work the way you specify.  However, in my situation, and maybe for others, this generates more work than is needed.

The only reason the target module has to be on a different page, from what I can tell, is so that it can be hidden.  I have need for more than one target module on my target portal so I have to install the module on several pages and configure them to redirect to several pages.  I had hoped to use the module to point to another site, as well, but there are too many pages.  It's not worth creating a whole separate page for each of your target module instances.  If the module was updated with these suggested simple changes, I would be able to install it on every page in one click and be done with it.

As is, it works.  Just not as well as it could with minor code tweaking.

Rick Ryno

18 May 2006 9:35 AM  
I'm going to purchase the module. It does a great job. I hope, however, you guys will continue to upgrade it.
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