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Subject: Problem with Side Menu CSS
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26 Feb 2005 10:03 AM  
I am using the side menu module  (SideMenu: 1.1.3, build 38,Shared Components: 1.0.0, build 4) on a DNN2.1.2 install.
One of the menu items isn't picking up the CSS style that i have specified.  I have tried deleting the module then recreating it but the problem still occurs.  The following is the source for the menu Item
<td onmouseover="selectmenuitem(this, true, 'Web Site &amp; Email Hosting', 'MenuHdr', 'Normal'); return 0;" onmouseout="selectmenuitem(this, false, '', '', '');" class="MenuHdr"><a href="/system-monitor-overview.content">Web Site & Email Hosting</a></td>

I have set all the styles in the module Options to 'Normal' each of the other items have 'Normal' where  'MenuHdr' appears  in the  above  code.

Whilst I have  the module set only to show 1 level the problem item tab does have tabs under it.

Any idea on how to fix?


Anthony Glenwright

26 Feb 2005 12:17 PM  
Can you please send me a screenshot of your sidemenu options page, the "view source" output of the page, and your CSS file to
Antony S

27 Feb 2005 3:14 AM  

Hi Anthony

I have sent the info via email.

FYI The FTB control in the forums renders as a long thin (ht>width) box under Firefox that you cannot enter anything into until you first click on Post and get the red * to tell you to enter something into it.  This also happens in our version of Active forums.  It appears to be a FTB issue.

Also again with Firefox when viewing an individual post the width of the page doubles in size requiring scrolling to view.  I cannot get this to replicate in our install.

Just thought yo would like to know... if you find a solution to the FTB (we are running DNN2.1.2) issue please let me know.




You are not authorized to post a reply.

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