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Subject: HrefExchanger and SolPartMenu or topmenu
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William Winans

02 Jan 2008 10:16 AM  

Hi, just a quick quesiton about the HrefExchanger product.  How does it work with the SolPartMenu or the Inventua TopMenu?  Is there a way to have them use the modified URL?


and have the menu automatically link to "my-custom-url.aspx" instead of /tabid/10/Default.aspx


Anthony Glenwright

02 Jan 2008 10:32 AM  
HrefExchanger works by rewriting the response HTML that comes from DotNetNuke - it replaces Urls in the form "Default.aspx?tabid=nn" with urls in the form "tabname.extension" (or, if you have additional rules like custom urls, it will use them instead).

Then, when it receives a request for an Url, it changes the url back to the original form for processing by DNN. So it will work with most menu solutions, as long as they write urls in the form "Default.aspx?tabid=nn"
You are not authorized to post a reply.
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