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Subject: Sidemenu slows down DNN
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tom m

17 Jun 2005 10:00 PM  


I experienced a heavy slow down of DNN when I used the sidemenu.

I didn't know what caused the slow down of DNN at first, but after investigating my modules one by one I came to the sidemenu.

When I delete it, suddenly everything goes a lot smoother.

Do you have any idea what could cause the slowness?

I've used it as skinobject, but no notable difference when I use it as a module.



erik van ballegoij

18 Jun 2005 2:46 AM  
Hydro ... are you using the latest version of my PageLocalization module? I experienced slowdowns with earlier versions of it myself as well (there was an error in caching, which has been resolved)




Anthony Glenwright

18 Jun 2005 12:04 PM  

Thanks Erik. 

Hydro, I'll wait on your response to Erik's before I do any research on this.

tom m

20 Jun 2005 5:34 PM  

Installed latest Pagelocalization...and...DNN goes wooooosh

Thanks guys!

one little question, Anthony. Why does the forum display real name instead of username?



Anthony Glenwright

20 Jun 2005 8:34 PM  

>> Why does the forum display real name instead of username?

Just the choice we made when configuring it.  We try to run the DNN modules side of the business professionally, using real names is part of that philosophy.

tom m

21 Jun 2005 11:59 PM  
of course, I understand, but why as thread starter the username and in the thread itself the real name? ;)
Anthony Glenwright

22 Jun 2005 9:27 AM  
That would just be because ActiveForums does it that way.  We're running a slightly old version at the moment, but will be upgrading at the end of the month.
chris laycockc

07 Jul 2005 5:30 PM  

Hi - I am experimenting with Sidemenu and am experiencing exactly the same proplems as Hydro.

I am running 3.1.13 within an intranet, no authentication, gigabit access and the home page of my portal takes 13 seconds to load.  When I take off SideMenu it takes 0.5 seconds!

I've cheated and copied the rendered html straight from the source - pasted it into an text/html module and it takes 0.5 seconds.

I have not installed Erik's localisation module.  I assume I don't have to use this to speed up SideMenu?

The setings for Sidemenu are for the [Root] with no stylesheet or other check box chages from the default. There are 5 "0" levels, about an average of 4 "1" levels with a "2" level everynow and then.

Any ideas....


Thanks.. Chris

Anthony Glenwright

07 Jul 2005 7:43 PM  

What version of DNN are you running?  DNN 3.0.13? (there is no such version as 3.1.13).  Also, what version of sidemenu are you running, how many pages are there in your site, and if possible, is your site on the internet so I can see?  Are you running in a hosteed environment?  If so, who with?

And... what caching level are you running in Host settings.

The reason for all the question is so I can try to reproduce the problem.

chris laycockc

08 Jul 2005 9:02 AM  

Anthony, thanks for the prompt reply - I appreciate your "try before you buy" software scheme, and now the support that you obviously back your products up with. Thank you.

Wishful thinking... yes I am running 3.0.13, on a well balanced Xeon machine, lots of memory, a true rack mount server job along with the other 12 in the cabinet. This is on our own College network,it's fast... believe me.

I have caching set to 'moderate' and at the moment there would be about 50 pages on the site.  Most of those are RSS feed pages.  I will privately email you a test login and two urls to our intranet so that you can compare the load speed.

Thanks again.. Chris

Anthony Glenwright

09 Jul 2005 4:18 PM  
I've emailed you a new (test) version.  I changed the code that interacts with PageLocalization to make it faster, and also implemented some basic caching.  On and the performance difference is significant.
Otto Baumann

11 Jul 2005 10:33 PM  

Hi Anthony

We too are experiencing the same situation as Chris. The SideMenu runs very well expect when it comes to speed.
We are also running a 3.0.13 and the SideMenu is the newest build which is available by DnnUpdate (Cool tool, btw) and with moderate caching on the server.

Regardless whatever we have zero, one or two links on the SideMenu it takes about 15-20 sec to generate the view. And its pulls the process “w3wp.exe” up to +90% during the entire 15-20 sec.

By running filemon ( we can see that the w3wp.exe tries to call:
D:\DotNetNuke\bin\Apollo.LocalizationApi.EXE and
D:\DotNetNuke\bin\Apollo.LocalizationApi\Apollo.LocalizationApi.EXE about 1200 times each, for every time we execute a page that uses SideMenu.
We have not installed this module as we are under the impression that its not mandatory for the SideMenu, correct me if I’m wrong.
I wonder if that could be part of the slow down we are seeing?
Let me know if you want a copy of the log file.
If we under Settings|Page Settings|Basic Settings of the module we changed the Cache Time to 300 secs, we can bring the update time to about 5 sec or.

And yes; thanks for your try before buy.


Anthony Glenwright

12 Jul 2005 10:01 AM  
Otto:  Please email me a request for the new test version (to - mention this post) and I'll email it to you. It contains a fix for this exact issue, as well as some data caching enhancements.
Jack Hoelz

13 Jul 2005 8:32 AM  

I have the same problem. No localization and a page with Side Menu and 20 child pages takes forever to load. Remove the menu and all is good.

Running 3.1 and the latest version of SM

Anthony Glenwright

13 Jul 2005 9:51 AM  

Jack:  If you send me an email to request the new test version, I'll email it to you.

Anyone else who wants the test version can do the same - just mention this post.

Anthony Glenwright

16 Jul 2005 11:39 AM  
I've released a new version of the sidemenu to fix this problem.  Thanks to all who reported the problem.  You can get it from the downloads page, or by using DNNUpdate.
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