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Subject: Inventua SideMenu - Not showing subpages
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Jan Meffert

22 Jul 2009 1:38 PM  

Hello Anthony,

We are using the Inventua Sidemenu for a long time. A very nice and handy DNN module!
Earlier we upgraded our DNN site from 4.8.4. to 5.1.0.  successfully, but now we have some problems with the SideMenu (the beta version we have downloaded from
In some cases the new site menu doesn’t show any subpages.
Our head menu DNN look as follows:
Under the menu PROJECTEN we have two DNN submenu’s:                 > Belastingdienst
                                                                                                               > Douane
                                                                                                                    > Project ODI
                                                                                                                            >subpage 1
                                                                                                                             >subpage 2
                                                                                                                     > Other project
To the page Douane we have placed the DNN links module with links to different project pages.
One of those project pages is called ODI. This project has several subpages below.  
In the page settings of the project head page ODI the checkbox ‘Include in menu’ is set to false, because the user is selecting a project by using the DNN Link module (not by DNN-menu).
The site menu module is placed to the head page ODI, but it doesn’t display the subpages of the ODI-project. The module setting ‘Disregard Hidden flag is set to true’.
When we set the checkbox ‘Include in menu’ to true, it works fine!
In version DNN 4 this construction works OK.
Can you please help us!
Thanks for your service and time.
Jan Meffert
Jan Meffert

26 Jul 2009 2:57 PM  

At your request the module settings.

Source: ....ODI
Header Css Class: MenHdr
Item css class: MenuItem
Header Highlight Css class: MenuHdr
Item Highlight Css Class: MenuItemMouseOver
Current Header css clas: currentHeaderHighlight
Current iem css class: currentItemHighlight
Levels: 0
Treat top level as header:  false
Show current sub-tree only: false
Disregard hidden flag: true
Distregard disabled flag : false
Render menu header separator: true
Render end separator: true
Append page level to classname: false
Display Page Name instead of Title: false
Disabble Javascript: false
Show icons: false
Show descriptions: false

Thanks for you time.

Jan Meffert



Jake G

31 Jul 2009 9:45 AM  

I'm having the same problem: We were using SideMenu to display sub-pages of pages that are not displayed in the main navigation (i.e. "inlude in menu" is set to false). To do this, we simply set the "disregard hidden flag" option to true in the SideMenu settings.

This worked fine with previous versions of SideMenu. However, after upgrading to DNN 5.1 and Inventua SideMenu 5.0.1 beta, this no longer works. SideMenu will only display links when the Source node is included in the main DNN menu (i.e. "include in menu" is true).

Is this by design, or a posible bug? Being able to display pages that are not in the DNN menu is the main reason we purchased SideMenu - we prefer navigation to be on the left rather than in drop-down menus along the top.



Jan Meffert

31 Jul 2009 1:20 PM  

Hi Jake,

I have received from support a fixed version from the module SideMenu. This version works as aspected!  I love the great and very quick support of Inventua! 
Sent me your e-mailadress and i send you the fixed version.


Jan Meffert

Anthony Glenwright

02 Aug 2009 6:34 PM  
Hi Jake,

Please send us an email to, and I will send you an update.
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