Event Viewer


The Inventua EventViewer Module for DotNetNuke displays application and system events from the event log within your DNN portal.

Installation and Compatibility

This module is installed as part of the Inventua DNN System Monitoring kit.

Configuration Options

Once you create a EventViewer instance, select the Options menu item from the module settings menu to display the Options page.

Server The DNS name of the server.  If you want to refer to the DNN server, use the value "." (a single dot).

The username to submit to WMI.  The user must have access rights to WMI namespaces on the selected server.  Use the wmimgmt.msc snap-in on the server to configure WMI access rights.  The username is not required and is not used when monitoring the same server that DNN in running on - it is only used when reading events from a seperate server. 

See http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;325353 for more details.

Password The password to submit to WMI.
Domain The domain of the username to submit to WMI.
Event Log The name of the event log to show (System or Application).  If you want to see both the system and application event logs, add a second instance of the EventViewer module to your tab.
Number of Results to Display The number of results to display.  You should always set this value (or use the "display events from the last 48 hours only" option), as reading the entire event log is a very time-consuming operation.

Display events from the last 48 hours only

Displays recent events (from the previous 48 hours) only.
Exclude Information Events Shows error and warning events only.
www.eventid.net license code The Event Viewer displays a "more info" link that links to the www.eventid.net web site to provide extended information on windows events. If you have subscribed to www.eventid.net you can enter your license code here so that the "more info" link allows you to access the extended features of the site that a subscription offers. More information on subscriptions.
The event viewer module can be used in conjunction with the Inventua DNN SystemMonitor module.  You can configure an "Event Viewer" tab using EventViewer modules event viewer for your server(s), and configure another tab with the SystemMonitor module for quick monitoring.  The SystemMonitor module has "Info Tab" and "Event Tab" options you can set to easily show a hyperlink to your event viewer page.

Conditions of use

This module is provied as part of the Inventua DNN System Monitoring Kit. Refer to the end user license agreement for the kit for terms of use.

This help file, the accompanying software and other materials supplied with the software are Copyright © Inventua, 2004-2008. All Rights Reserved.

About www.eventid.net

The Inventua DNN EventViewer provides automatically generated links to the www.eventid.net website in order to provide extended windows event troubleshooting information. 

About DotNetNuke

The Inventua DNN EventViewer Module is a DotNetNuke portal module. For more information on DotNetNuke, visit http://www.dotnetnuke.com.

About Inventua

Inventua provides software tools for information technology organisations that facilitate and maximise synergy and cohesion between development, support, marketing and management teams, improves software product quality and helps information technology organisations to provide great products and great support. Visit Inventua on the web at http://www.inventua.com

Event Viewer

This screenshot shows the event viewer configured to show up to 10 system events from the last 48 hours.