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Subject: PayPal Module - discount coupons?
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Karen Ivy

30 Aug 2011 7:06 PM  

I'm almost sure the answer to this is "no" but I'll ask anyway.  We've been using the PayPal Module for several years, and it just suits our needs.  We have a new marketing person who wants us to offer "discounts" to people who have a certain discount code. 

If the PayPal Module supports this, I haven't been able to find it - am I right?  If I'm right, and PayPal Module doesn't support it, are there any plans to add such an ability (I hope in the near future)??

I've been looking into full-blown shopping carts but they are just so much more than we need, except for this single instance.  Awaiting your answer.


Anthony Glenwright

30 Aug 2011 7:22 PM  
You are right, the module does not support discount codes.

What I would suggest is that you set up another instance of the module (with the discounted prices) and direct eligible users to the page containing that module instance. What that would involve is a "landing" page where the user would enter their discount code (if they have one) - it would have to contain a module that processes/validates the discount code and directs the user to either the "discount" page or the "normal" page, both of which would contain one or more instances of the paypal module.

You may be able to use one of the "forms" modules available on snowcovered to set up a module that can accept a coupon code, validate it and redirect to the appropriate page (I cannot recommend one, as I don't have any experience of using them - we'd just write a custom module!). Have a look at, you may be able to find something there.
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