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Subject: Problem with Online Payment Notifications
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Karen Ivy

21 Feb 2013 4:37 PM  

We run PayPal Module 3.3.5 on a DNN 5.6.3 site,  We've been advertising tickets for a fundraiser this weekend, and we realized we haven't received a payment confirmation from PayPal since late October 2012. 

Now, I looked at the module settings, and the box labeled Payment Notification wasn't checked, so I checked it.  Trouble is, I looked at older modules (in Admin only status) and it wasn't checked in them either, and I know we got payments from some of those.

My gut tells me this is a problem with PayPal, but just in case, I'd like you to clarify what settings I need in order to make sure I get an email from PayPal when somebody buys something online.



Anthony Glenwright

21 Feb 2013 4:47 PM  
I can confirm that the "instant payment notification" setting in the PayPal module has nothing to do with e-mail notification (it is for a form of http-based messaging called "IPN" - a PayPal thing). So you were right, you will need to check your settings on the PayPal website.

Also you might want to check your junk mail filters, etc. Maybe PayPal is sending you the messages but your email system is processing then as junk mail.
You are not authorized to post a reply.
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