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Subject: Welcome to the Inventua DotNetNuke Modules Forum
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Anthony Glenwright

21 Aug 2004 6:56 PM  

This forum is for announcements, questions, problems, and bug reports to do with any of the DotNetNuke modules and other components available from Inventua.  Please post enhancement requests in the enhancement requests forum.

This is not a general-purpose DotNetNuke support forum.  Use or the forums at for general DotNetNuke questions.

You should generally make sure that you are using the latest version of an Inventua module before reporting problems or bugs.  Most modules are updated regularly.  You can check the module version in the options page, and you can download new versions here.  The most effective way to keep up to date with module updates is by using our DNNUpdate service.

You can help other readers (and us) by including the name of the module you are asking about in the subject of your post.  If you are reporting a bug, please include the version of DotNetNuke you are using, as well as the version of the module you are using.

Topic is locked
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