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Subject: Import/Export not working in Inventua Modules
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Anthony Glenwright

02 Mar 2007 1:00 PM  

We've recently discovered a bug in the part of our shared assembly (Inventua.DNN.Shared.dll) that implements import and export.  Basically, import and export do not work (and never have) - the data stored in the XML file generated by the export process is not valid, it contains default values for the module rather than the values that have been set by the end user.

The nature of the fix for the problem was such that we had to change a couple of functions in the shared DLL, which (if we just went ahead and changed it), would break compatibility with older versions of our modules.  So the new versions reference a new assembly with a new name (Inventua.DNN.Shared30.dll for DNN 3 modules, and Inventua.DNN.Shared40.dll for DNN 4 modules).  These can run "side by side" with existing Inventua modules without breaking them.

We will be rolling out the new versions that implement the change gradually, in case there are any unanticipated support issues.  But the "fixed" modules are available - please email if you need one of our modules with Import/Export functioning properly.

Topic is locked
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