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Subject: New Forum Software
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Anthony Glenwright

26 Feb 2005 4:18 PM  

As of Saturday the 26th of February, we've just completed our migration to ActiveForums.  All of the threads and posts were migrated from the software we were previously using, and ActiveForums is properly integrated into our Portal software, DotNetNuke, so users only have to create and maintain one account.

Note to existing users:
If you previously created a DNN account and a forums account with the same username, your existing posts should be 100% intact and correctly marked as belonging to you. 

If you only had a forums account, you will need to create a DNN account to use the forums - click “register” at the bottom-right of the page.  Your old posts will all show as belonging to “Inventua”.

Please report any problems to

Topic is locked

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