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Subject: Inventua PayPay "not available" with DNN 4.4.1
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Karen Ivy

24 Aug 2009 4:08 PM  

Today I upgraded my DotNetNuke site to 4.4.1 (from 4.3.5).  When I checked the site, the Inventua modules displayed an error (which I foolishly didn't capture).  I looked at the Modules Definitions page, and it said that I already had the current versions of the Inventua PayPal and TopMenu modules involved, even though they weren't there before the upgrade, and I hadn't installed them yet.  I installed them, checked the PayPal module and corrected the configuration, and saved it.  When I refreshed the page I got "An Error Has Occurred", and the module settings don't contain any PayPal data.

I just checked my logs, and here's the error I'm seeing:

InnerException: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files\root\b670553f\413702d3\App_Web_paypal.ascx.87544ea9.rp1b-rw1.0.vb(53): error BC32206: Indirect reference is being made to assembly Inventua.DNN.Shared30 version, which contains 'Inventua.DNN.Modules.PayPal'. This Project references a prior version of Inventua.DNN.Shared30 version To use 'Inventua.DNN.Modules.PayPal', you must replace the reference to Inventua.DNN.Shared30 with version or higher.

This looks as if I upgraded the modules but didn't upgrade the shared code; how do I upgrade the shared code??  I don't recall seeing a reference to the shared code anywhere.  Help?


Anthony Glenwright

24 Aug 2009 6:03 PM  
This happens because DNN overwrites the newer version of a shared DLL with an older version. You can fix it by reinstalling the paypal module (which contains the later version).

Karen Ivy

24 Aug 2009 6:22 PM  

I did reinstall the Inventua PayPal module and still got the error.  I'll try reinstalling it again and let you know if that fixes it.  Sounds as though reinstalling the module is SUPPOSED to fix this.  Thanks for your response.

Karen Ivy

24 Aug 2009 6:27 PM  

Great, thanks again, the second reinstall fixed the problem! 


Matthew Glover

27 Aug 2009 7:12 AM  

Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you have it working.

Matthew Glover


Topic is locked
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