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Subject: HrefExchanger - rewriting homepage url
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Opher Aloni

10 Nov 2009 3:37 AM  


Is it possible to use HrefExchanger to customize the URL for the homepage, so that when visitors fist enter the site, they reach http://domainname/my-custom-url.aspx instead of http://domainname/default.aspx ?


Anthony Glenwright

10 Nov 2009 4:27 PM  
You can customize the Url for specific pages (see "Setting specific custom URLs for particular pages" at, but that won't help in your specific situation, because HrefExchanger is an Url rewriter - it modifies Urls in outgoing page content - and in your case you are dealing with an initial visit to the site. You may be able to work with IIS settings to change the default document from default.aspx to custom-url.aspx, and if HrefExchanger is configured to process custom-url.aspx then it should work properly.
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