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Subject: Kudos and a Question
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Bruce Robinson

24 Apr 2010 9:44 AM  

First of all kudos for a nice module.  I'm one of the unfortunate users of another BuyNow module (G....soft) that fell victim to PayPal's recent changes.

I eventually found yours and am scrambling a little to plug it in.  I like it better because of the ability to assign multiple roles.  A small suggestion - the discount code from the other module I mentioned was useful.

I'd appreciate a confirmation of my understanding after some testing of how IPN works.  Bottom line is that it appears that the product page that the BuyNow module is on must be accessible to all users for IPN to work.  It looks like the module enforces log-in, though, in order to see the product.

If this is correct, I think that I can work with this. It is just different than I was set up previously where I didn't expose the product pages until a user logged in.

Thanks in advance for confirmation and/or guidance.

-- BruceR

Anthony Glenwright

26 Apr 2010 6:37 PM  
Hi Bruce,

Your understanding of the page permissions is correct, it must be available for "all users" when IPN is enabled. This is because the module receives the IPN notification, and the PayPal server is an anonymous user.
Bruce Robinson

27 Apr 2010 6:46 AM  
Thanks for the confirmation. My reason for asking was that I can't see how one might do discounts for certain roles. Here's an example from one of my sites. Product A is for sale. Registered users get a "list" price. Subscribers get a "discounted" price.

If the module receives the notification to put the user in a role of "Produce A purchaser", I can't envision how to show the appropriate price if both modules must be available to all users for the IPN. Perhaps there are other ways to do role based discounts, or perhaps this is a future enhancement.

If I missing a way to do this, I'd appreciate a pointer in the right direction. If not, I still appreciate this product bailing me out of bad PayPal problem.

-- Bruce
Anthony Glenwright

27 Apr 2010 6:06 PM  
Just a thought - What if you make a page for each (registered and subscribers) with links to them from another page - and on the other page, use roles to control which links get displayed (something like 2 text/html modules, one gets shown for subscribers only, the other gets shown for registered users?)
Bruce Robinson

28 Apr 2010 3:47 PM  
Anthony - I had thought of something similar, but after some experimenting the issue that I keep coming back to is this. The page that is accessed by the indirect "subscriber" link must be open to all users. Sadly, sooner or later, someone will distribute that link. This pattern of one purchase role "discounting" a second purchase role keeps coming up in different forms in my applications. And, I can't see how toe get an instance of the module with a discount price that is seen only by a certain role. Perhaps its a consideration for a future version. I just can't see how to do it securely at present.

-- Bruce
Anthony Glenwright

28 Apr 2010 6:00 PM  
At the moment (with the other module that you are using), do you set up a discount code with PayPal, or is it something that is part of the module? If you can let me know how that is set up at present, it will make it easier for me to research how to do it in the module.
Bruce Robinson

29 Apr 2010 7:56 AM  
Anthony -

Thanks again for your consideration. Your module is installed and saved me, and I just paid Snowcovered. The previous module from another vendor(G****soft) is still dead. I'm able to do 95% of the original functionality. As you requested, I"ll try to explain the remaining 5% and perhaps it will be useful background for future work. One function is minor and the other is more major.

1. DISCOUNTS - minor issue - the other vendor's module had a grid of discounts in the module. Each discount was keyed by a code such as "D101" and had properties of

Type - Amount off / Percentage off
Expiration date
Enable / Disable

This was nice for promotional purposes. I used it when I gave presentations about one of my sites to give a discount code to attendees for a period of 2 weeks.

2. ROLE BASED VIEW OF THE MODULE - this was the more major function. This allowed an module / offer to only be visible conditionally. I used it primarily in two ways -

To only offer products to subscribers versus registered users
To condition the offer of product B on the previous purchase of product A and assignment of associated role

As an example of the first use, we sold screen-cam presentations and PDF's of the slides. The offer on the page for the slides would only be visible to those who had purchased the movie presentations and were placed in an associated role.

As an example of the second use, I would put two modules on a page for the same product, but they would have different conditional viewing and pricing - say one for the registered role and one for the subscriber role.

I'm not familiar with the internals of that other vendors product, but I assume that since the IPN went to an vendor supplied common .aspx page, that is how they were able to allow conditional module visibility and take the IPN response back to a page accessible to all.

I don't know how mainstream these uses are, but I hope that this info is of some use in your planning. If you need screenshots or anything additional info, let me know.

-- Bruce
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