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Subject: Need Google CSE results to display in a module on same page as search engine
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Will Sugg

24 May 2010 11:00 AM  

Hi there,

Does anyone know how to do this. I do not want the Google search as a skin object, which I have seen the tutorials for. I have a page called search where Inventua module lives and want the results to show up in a module below that on the same page under the Inventua search module.

I tried setting CSE search results page in Google to same but no joy.


Will, Maine USA

Anthony Glenwright

24 May 2010 7:13 PM  
The Inventua module always shows the results as a new page, because thats how the "google free" search returns it's results. In theory we could change it so that the results are shown in an IFRAME, but we don't because the terms and conditions of Google free (see section 1.4, says that you may not "... frame any Results or Results Page"
Will Sugg

25 May 2010 6:37 AM  
Hi Anthony,

It would really increase the value and sales of your module if it offered an easy way to display the results in an iframe under the search module. I only use your module for CSE and there is no such terms and conditions on that because if you go into your CSE search and click 'Look and Feel' you can choose to display it in an Iframe. If in that section you take the top code for the search box and put it in one text/html module then the results in another and set the dnn page where it will be in Google control panel it flat does not work.

There are tutorials on putting CSE in your skin but that is not what I want. If you could figure this out - a drop in CSE solution for a DNN site with results displayed in the DNN site on the same page it would be da bomb.


You are not authorized to post a reply.
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