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Subject: how to config PassThroughTarget module
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nguyen binh

30 May 2010 2:45 PM  

I have a portal (http://localhost/portal) and a child portal (http://localhost/portal/shop1)
I use Passthrough module to  log in ( when a member log in main portal --> automatically log in with the same ID in child portal)
In main portal I place PassthroughSource module and fill the URL  (http://localhost/portal/shop1) and encryption key (123456789)
In child portal I place PassthroughTarget module but I don't know the way to fill the requies information (about : Source Database Connection,...etc)
Can anybody help me to config or give me a example of configuration this module.? thanks so much

Anthony Glenwright

30 May 2010 6:19 PM  
You must log in as the "host" user, and hover over the "action" menu for the module (it is usually a down arrow icon), then select "edit module options".

The module options are documented here:

If you do not know your database connection string, look in your web.config file.
Topic is locked
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