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Subject: Shadow module ideas
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Will Sugg

25 Feb 2006 3:40 AM  
Thank you for the shadow module. I am giving it a go to solve the unfortunate problem that occurs when you do a "display on all pages" for a module and then the content changes or the module is deleted. Then you must visit every page to clean things up.

I would suggest a "shadow container" addition if possible. Without this you would need to visit dozens of instances of your shadow module to change the container if it changes on the home page.

I think what would be a great feat if some dnn programmer could do it (perhaps they have and in my research I have not found it) would be to create a "pane replicator." My site (and I assume many others) have a pane, left in my case, with four modules that I want visitors on every page to see. If you change content of one of the modules, their order, or delete one, these changes should be replicated across the portal. This would make things much easier than they are now. Even with your great shadow module I must install 4 instances of it on dozens of pages, then the containers changing and the order of the modules in the pane is still, well a pain.

Many thanks,

Will, Maine, USA.
Anthony Glenwright

25 Feb 2006 11:33 PM  
Hi Will,

The ability to "shadow container" was one of the features we originally tried to implement for the shadow module, but unfortuneately it's just not do-able, because DNN renders the container before the module gets instantiated - so it's already too late to do anything about the container by the time any of the shadow code gets run.

The "pane replicator" is a great idea (and I would like that feature just as much as you!). We have plans to create an advanced cross-portal syndication module in the next 2-3 months, and the "pane replicator" is an idea we'll consider for the scope of that project.
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