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Subject: Media Player Juke Box
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Andrew Snook

02 Mar 2006 4:47 AM  

It would be great if the Media player provided an interface for users to select songs, playlists or albums without being an admin.

I have ripped all of my CDs and created a ASX files for all of them as suggested in another thread on this board. 

As the admin of my site its OK for me to use the admin feature to change ASX files, but a simple UI would be great.

I would be interested in paying for this custom development as well.



Anthony Glenwright

02 Mar 2006 7:06 PM  
Hi Andrew,

I'm not 100% sure on what you are asking for here - are you after a UI to allow users to edit ascx files? Any information you can provide on the context for this requirement would be helpful also.
Andrew Snook

03 Mar 2006 1:15 AM  

Hi Anthony,


I have all of my CDs on an FTP server and I have created ASX files for each of them.  I want to allow users of my site to listen to all of my albums and add their own ASX files on the site.  However I do not want them to be Admin's on the site or even for the module.  Additionally I would like a UI that would allow the user to see all of the ASX files available and change them while they are listening.

I dirtied up a little HTML code and added it to my site.  This gives the user the ability to listen and change files, but the ability to add their own songs.  You can see it at:

Any ideas are much appreciated.



Black Power

10 Jul 2006 4:17 AM  

it is a nice and beautifl programme. I like to use...
Black Power.
Andrew Snook

10 Jul 2006 4:31 AM  

Can you provide a link or any additional info?


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