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Subject: [FlashPlayer] FlashVars parameter : multiple text fields for inputing variables
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ny haingo andrianarisoa

20 Apr 2006 8:44 PM  

I would suggest a complementary level of configuration of the FlashVars parameter within the Edit control of your DNN FlashPlayer -not available with versions earlier than the 3.1.1 build 25 one included.

As you remind it, the FlashVars parameter is a string of root variables posted to the refered Flash movie and separated by a '&' sign (I personaly would advise to add an initial '&' at the beginning of the generated FlashVars parameter code). To my opinion, it would be more practical to have the ability to enter distinctively the variables of the FlashVars string, in the case there are more than one variable. This would make it easier and quicklier to perform variable modification and testing, instead of having to go along the current textbox and find the occurrency of the part to change or to paste another version of the all string modified in a tier-software (a notepad for example).

For the couple of (name, value) entry, at least 2 possibilities may be discussed :
a-1) One field for each couple of a variable, i.e. a textbox receiving a "name=value" string ;
a-2) Two fields for each element of the couple of a variable, i.e. 2 textboxes, the first for the variable name and the second for the variable value.
More couples of variable entry may be added or substracted with a couple of buttons ("add a variable entry" and "delete a variable entry"). However a warning message would be displayed about the maximum length allowed for the FlashVars string (64 kB as much as I remember).

Because pasting a ready-to-use FlashVars string still may be practical in many cases, the mode of entering Flash variables may be choosen between the current one (a wide textbox) and the proposed one (a table or a list of relatively short textboxes). A third way may be to let the user combine the two previous modes (wide textbox and short textboxes) if desired.

Eventually -and maybe independently of the previous suggestions- the current textbox available for the FlashVars parameter may be replaced by a textarea (with optional navigation bars according to its current content) within which the variables string would be wrapped in order to offer a flexible editable text area and a maximum visibility of the content. In addition, multi-lined variable entries within such a textarea (i.e. one "name=value" expression per line) could be allowed; this would be a first step (and maybe a simplier one) for its content clearness.

Thanks for your reading.

With regards,
Ny Haingo, from Lyon /France.

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