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Subject: SideMenu: automatically indent levels
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Laurence Neville

15 Jun 2006 9:18 PM  
This is a request to add a setting to the SideMenu module and skin object. The property would enable automatic indenting of menu items and headers based on the level of the page.

The setting would be a number of pixels, and for each level beyond the top level the indentation would be increased by this number of pixels. For example, if the automatic indent value was 10px, top level pages would not be indented automatically, the next level would be indented 10px, the level after that 20px and so on.

Currently the only way to accomplish this effect is to turn on AppendLevelToClass and create distinct styles for every possible level, however this makes the CSS very big.
Laurence Neville

15 Jun 2006 9:19 PM  
This setting should default to zero for continuity with the current version of the module.
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