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Subject: apply CurrentHeader/Item to TD-Tag
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Mark Lowe

07 Sep 2006 5:38 PM  
Dear Inventua team.

I Really love your SideMenu. Using CSS I could customize it perfectly.
There is one thing I couldn't achieve though:

I'm using the background-image property to display an arrow in front of every header. I would like to display a different arrow for the Current Header and Current Item.
Unfortunately the CSS Classes CurrentHeader and CurrentItem are used in a Span-Tag instead of the TD tag. This makes the currentHeader/item properties some sort of sub group of the Header and Item classes.
Now, if I specify a special backgroud-image (arrow) for the CurrentHeader class, SideMenu displays both the normal Arrow and the special arrow next to each other.

I can perfectly understand, that this effect can also be useful. For example you don't have to  re-specify all the Header properties for the CurrentHeader property. But SideMenu would be even more flexible, if the CurrentHeader/Item classes would be applied to the TD tag instead.

Therefore my enhancement request is:
Apply the CurrentItem and CurrentHeader CSS class directly to the TD tags instead of using the Header Class in the TD and the CurrentHeader Class in a SPAN-Tag.

If there is a different way to set a special backgroud-image fo the currentheader/item I would be  glad, if you could tell me how.
(If you want to see what i'm talking about: look at my customer's site For the CurrentHeader I would like to use a red arrow pointing downwards.)

Thanks a lot
You are not authorized to post a reply.

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