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Subject: Add Title to sidemenu HTML
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Angus Beare

17 Sep 2008 6:13 PM  

I've noticed that one site I have using House of Nuke menu seems to get indexed much better by Google than another site where I'm testing Inventua Side Menu.

I plan to buy the Inventua side menu because it seems the simplest and easiest to set up and configure.  However, I think that the SEO could be improved by one small change.

The side menu renders an item as such:-
<td id="invsidemenu-Home" class="MenuHdr">
<a href="/Home/tabid/567/Default.aspx">Homea>td>
However,the House Menu adds the TITLE attribute to the .
<a href="/Home/tabid/567/Default.aspx" title="Home Page Title">Homea>
I'm convinced that Google indexes the menu with the page title in the anchor
better than the one without. I know you can use the page title for the link instead
but I don't want this for the menu. I want page name and then Title in the anchor.
Would you be interested in adding this feature?  I'll buy today if so.
Anthony Glenwright

19 Sep 2008 12:22 PM  
Send me an email (to and reference this post, I will email you an update.
Topic is locked

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