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Subject: Payal - Descriptions in Drop Down
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Mike DeBaise

16 Feb 2009 12:45 PM  

It would be nice to be able to specifiy that if you intend on creating a drop down list for the descriptions if you could add a price associated with it. This price would then automatically populate in the "amount" box at the bottom.

In turn, you could then disable the "Allow Edit" of the amount field since the price would auto populated.

Thanks for your consideration.


Anthony Glenwright

16 Feb 2009 4:24 PM  
Hi Mike,

I'm not sure I understand your request, because it seems (to me) that you can achieve what you want already. Are you using the PayPal list module? If you set up multiple instances of the PayPal module on one page with appropriate titles and amounts configured, select the "use paypal list" checkbox for each of them and then add a paypal list module to the page, then you could have a drop-down list with descriptions/amounts that would use the appropriate paypal module instance - and the amount field would not need to be set as "allow edit".
Topic is locked

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