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Inventua DNN MediaPlayer v5.0.0 BETA (for DNN 5) Downloads4/23/2009101.59 KBDownload
Inventua DNN MediaPlayer v3.1.0 (for DNN 3 & 4) Downloads4/17/200679.87 KBDownload
Inventua DNN MediaPlayer v1.0.6 (for DNN 2.1.2) Downloads5/13/200539.82 KBDownload

Inventua Media Player

The Inventua MediaPlayer Module for DotNetNuke plays audio and video files using the Microsoft Media Player control in your DotNetNuke portal using the Microsoft Windows Media Player ActiveX control.

Cross-Browser Compatible
The Media Player module has been tested with Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox on Windows and Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, Opera and Safari on Macintosh. After detecting your browser and platform, the module outputs different HTML to best suit your browser and operating system.

Supports Localized Media 
The Media Player module can be configured to play different media files based on the end user's language settings.  Just name your media filenames with a locale suffix, and select the "Use Localized Filename" option and your users can view media in their own language.

Supports a variety of Media Player settings
The options provided by the Microsoft Media Player ActiveX control are provided by the Media Player module.  Options include captioning, playing from set position or a marker, support for closed captioning using SAMI (Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange), none/invisible/mini or full UI mode, default volume control and full-screen mode.

Information and Documentation

Inventua Media Player for DotNetNuke - Online Help
Read the online help for the Media Player module for information on all the available options and settings.