TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Inventua DNN PayPal v5.0.3 (for DNN 5) Downloads4/15/201097.95 KBDownload
Inventua DNN PayPal v3.3.4 (for DNN 3 & 4)  3/14/201089.66 KBDownload

Inventua PayPal Module

  • Accept Payments using the PayPal service for products and services.
  • Accept Payments by credit card or PayPalTM account.
  • Supports multiple currencies.
  • Supports PayPalTM Instant Payment Notification for automated provisioning, automatic email notification and security role membership management.
  • Cross-browser compatible: Tested on Windows, Mac, Firefox, Netscape, Safari, Internet Explorer and more.

Inventua PayPal in Action!

Note: This is a live instance of the PayPal module, and links to the live PalPal site. You can click "Pay now" to progress to the next stage, but don't complete your purchase unless you wish to pay us!
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