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Inventua DNN TopMenu v5.0.0 BETA (for DNN 5) 4/23/200971.29 KBDownload
Inventua DNN TopMenu v3.0.5 (for DNN 3 & 4)Downloads4/5/200767.75 KBDownload

Inventua TopMenu for DotNetNuke

The Inventua TopMenu displays a horizontal list ("menu") of hyperlinks used for navigation within DotNetNuke, and can change the style of the displayed items when the user moves the mouse over a menu item.

Highly Customizable
The display of the menu is entirely css-driven, and you can configure which DotNetNuke page is the "top" menu, so the Sidemenu can be used for a variety of purposes within your site.

Compatible with Apollo PageLocalization and DSLocalizator localization Modules
Inventua SideMenu is compatible with the PageLocalization module from Apollo Software Development. Use the PageLocalization module to enhance the localization capabilities of DNN. The PageLocalization module translates the names of your pages into any language your portal supports.  The SideMenu has also been tested successfully with the DSLocalizator module to display localized page names dynamically.

Cross-Browser Compatible
The Inventua Sidemenu has been tested with Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Firefox on Windows and Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, Opera and Safari on Macintosh. One of the main design goals was (and is) that it works across a wide range of browsers.

Generates W3C-Compliant Code 
The Inventua Sidemenu generates HTML output that complies with the W3C HTML 4 Transitional specification.  That means it will render consistently in a wide range of browsers.

TopMenu in Action!