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Inventua develops custom software that help our customers to achieve their goals. We are an Australian company, located in a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria.  

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Inventua Pty Ltd.
ACN: 097 827 122
ABN: 89 097 827 122


Inventua is the developer of Nucleus CMS.  Nucleus CMS is an open-source .NET Core/MVC-based web application framework and content management system.

Use Nucleus for your site or web application to take advantage of built-in and third party extensions, and the system by creating new layouts, modules, web applications and other components. Nucleus CMS free extensions include content modules (Text/Html, Static Content, Documents, Links, Multi-Content, Media, Forums and Publish), optional extensions (Elastic Search, Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3 Storage, Google Analytics and SAML / OAuth client) as well as navigation and utility modules.  SAML and OAuth server extensions are available separately from Inventua.

Visit https://www.nucleus-cms.com for more information on Nucleus.