Case Studies

Device Management

Our customer and their dealer network manage a fleet of hundreds of thousands of devices.  Starting in 2012, we developed software to collect and process device telemetry from automated emails and using agent software which collects data using SNMP.  Over the years, the system has grown to manage firmware updates, scheduled maintenance, consumables usage and automated re-ordering, alerts, usage counters and usage-based billing.

Dealers utilize device data using the web site and reports and automate processes using application web services and specific application integrations.  New features include customer-controlled data collection using a mobile application, and a field service mobile application which provides device telemetry, alerts, firmware updates and scheduled maintenance for service technicians.

Membership Management System

Our customer required a centralized user management system for their web-based applications and sites.  We developed a Dotnetnuke-based solution to handle user, dealership and site management.  The Membership Management system provides centralized authentication and authorization control using SAML and OAUTH2 to multiple DotNetNuke, Moodle and Salesforce instances.  The system was first deployed in 2006 and has been in continuous use for 17 years.

MYOB and custom Payroll Management Data Extract

Our customer uses MYOB to manage accounting for 26 related businesses. Before we developed a data extract system, when data was required for reports, a variety of manual processes were required to collect data.

Our system uses the MYOB API to collect and collate data from 26 cloud-hosted MYOB AccountRight instances into a single spreadsheet.  This allows the customer to manipulate data and produce reports in Excel and saves them several days of manual work per month, and also gives them the ability to update their reports more frequently, because they can extract data in 10 minutes instead of having to spend days manually extracting data.

Product Pre-sales and Training

This system provides an automatically generated website for a customer which provides how-to videos and documents which demonstrate features of the device models which the customer has purchased.  Users can find the information they need to access device functionality and enhance their productivity.

The latest version extends the site functionality to display syndicated product information so that the application can be used to provide detailed pre-sales information.


Our customer required a search solution for their web sites and document library of around 20,000 documents.  Using Elastic Search, we developed a system which provides web-based search, including logic which recognizes model names and document types in search terms and gives them higher priority in search matches.